The Becoming

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It had only been for fun. There couldn't really be any truth to the Ouija board myth. At least, that was what young Tim Boston had believed when he asked about his past life. But the response gave rise to more questions, the answers to which would drastically alter his life. Through the Ouija board, the Sisters of Fate told Boston that he was once the entity Death. As part of a plot to take over the heavens, two vindictive gods tricked him into promising dead souls a second chance at life. As punishment for this unforgivable act, Death was cast out of the heavens and sentenced to a mortal life. As further penalty, several of those souls, including that of an unrelenting vampire, were imprisoned in the human body with him. In the resulting turmoil, the Sisters of Fate were enslaved by the two devious gods. Having more malicious plans, one quickly betrayed the other and began abusing his newfound power to alter the past. Having removed all traces of the Sisters from history, and taking credit for all they created, the evil god became one of the most powerful beings ever. Now the Sisters need Boston's help to be freed and set things right. It's up to Boston to tip the balance of power back in favor of the Sisters by any means necessary. In order to accomplish this peacefully, he has been given half of a great power. Now he must find the girl with the other half and bring about the universe's true saviour. Should he fail to do so within eighteen months, he will die. The only other way to bring down the usurper god is to destroy all who believe in him. There would need to be an all-out war against humanity, an idea that the vampire within him finds very appealing. Can Boston find this girl before time runs out and bring about a new era of peace? Or will the vampire take over his body and bring about Armageddon?


Timothy Allen Boston once believed he was an ordinary person. In reality, he is the entity Death, imprisoned in a human body for overstepping his godly boundaries. Restoring the memories of his previous existence, the Sisters of Fate now require Boston's help. Can he bring about mankind's saviour before it's too late?


A long-dead vampire imprisoned in the human body of Boston, Lucar desires nothing short of chaos. How far will he go to ensure Boston's failure, knowing he will take control with the former god out of the way?


Elizabeth Maxwell is more than Boston's love interest; she is the one chosen by the Sisters of Fate to hold the power that will bring about mankind's saviour. Frightened by their age difference and the short time they've known each other, can Beth possibly bring herself to accept Boston before it's too late? Or will she be forced to help destroy him?


Chandra Lamper truly loves Boston, despite having only recently met him, and would do anything for him. Can it be mere coincidence that she, like Beth, is capable of holding the other half of the power the Sisters bestowed upon Boston?

Rewrite preview available

A special preview of the rewrite is now available! Check out the prologue now!

Rewrite in progress

No, it's not a rumour, I am working on a rewrite of "The Becoming." Progress is slow, but it's coming. When it's finished, the entire story will be more refined, darker and longer. So much longer, in fact, that what is now a single book will be split into two seperate volumes. Stay tuned...

Kevin Phillips, the new face of Evil

So you thought Lucar was as bad as bad could get? Obviously, you don't know Kevin Phillips! This new main character introduced in the middle of the original story will be the focus of at least two more books in the series. What sort of person could possibly make Lucar seem tame? Be on the look out for "The Becoming: Prophecy Unto the Wind" to find out!

Check back for information about how the people and places in "The Becoming" relate to other works!