Izaac Sheridan

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My name is Izaac Sheridan. Currently, I am in the employ of Tim Boston, charged with tracking down the most powerful and mysterious artifacts in the world. Intriguing as these adventures are, they are not the only stories I have to tell. There is a reason, after all, why Boston was compelled to seek me out: he knows of my adventures searching for the book.

I first heard of the book from Professor von Schicksal in the first year of my graduate studies at Parcaed University. According to the professor, the book was impossibly old, yet told of future events as if they had already happened. What's more, he insisted that these weren't mere predictions, but recordings of historical fact! This book, which predated the earliest known hominids, was at least partially written far into our future!

During an expedition with von Schicksal to the lost city of Dal-Dendrith, I found my first physical evidence of the book's existence. I also discovered a very disturbing fact about the book's origin. After a fatal attack from the beasts that guarded Dal-Dendrith, von Schicksal made me swear to dedicate my life to finding that book. At last, I am ready to tell of my journeys in search of it.

Izaac Sheridan

Izaac Sheridan was fascinated with the occult and unusual from a very young age. Following the murder of his father shortly before Izaac finished high school, his fascination turned into obsession. Having experienced moderate successes employing some of the esoteric knowledge he had gained by then, young Sheridan was determined to find some way to right his father's demise. After graduation, he searched the world for the university with the best collection of occult materials. Deciding on the prestigious Parcaed University, Sheridan's life was changed forever after meeting Professor von Schicksal.

Professor von Schicksal

Von Schicksal had been a nobody at a nothing university when he was offered the position as Head of Archaeology at Parcaed University. Assuming somebody was hoaxing him, he immediately contacted the dean at Parcaed, only to be told that he was expected to interview for the position immediately. It was during this interview, by means of explanation, that von Schicksal first saw the book. Defying both logic and every attempt to accurately date it, the mysterious tome foretold, among other things, of the very meeting in which von Schicksal now found himself! After a short time of studying this volume, von Schicksal knew that it was up to him to ensure that Izaac Sheridan attended Parcaed University as soon as he was old enough.

Sheridan's Journal

Young Prince Michael has been forced to meet with a mysterious man named Izaac Sheridan. Curious as to how Sheridan could even know of him, let alone how to find him, Michael decides to listen to the man's unbelievable story revolving around a quest to find a certain arcane volume. Could this strange book truly be as powerful as Sheridan suggests? What could it possibly have to do with Michael? And why does Sheridan keep writting notes in his journal?

First Entry

Izaac Sheridan has dedicated his life to finding the mysterious book Professor von Schicksal told him about. It was on his first real expedition that Sheridan encountered the first real evidence that the book is real. Awed by the very thought of the five-million-year-old civilization that had inhabited the lost city of Dal-Dendrith, Sheridan is thrilled to be joining the expedition to find the enigmatic metropolis, despite von Schicksal's insistence that Sheridan alone will survive. What sort of beings inhabited the grotesquely proportion Dal-Dendrith? What are the strange creatures slowly eliminating Sheridan's companions? Could there be any truth to what the only clue regarding the book implies?

Information on works in progress, relations to other stories and more coming soon!